Provisional Merit List of FCPS-II Subspecialty (Med & Allied and Surgery & Allied) Induction July 2023 (for inductees of July 2021)


This merit list is not for Legal Purposes. In case there is any error/omission, contact on 091-9217456 till11am on 05.06.2023. If your problem is not solved then please visit Deputy CEO PGMI office in person or through representative with all relevant record & report to Mr. Mustafa Kamal PS to Deputy CEO on 05.06.2023 at 2:00pm. After this time, Final merit list will be uploaded on PGMI website. *All those who are inducted after July 2021 & their Pre-IMM 02 years training is going to be completed in June 2023 are directed to report PGMI & get their name included in this list (only those trainees are eligible who are on PGMI payroll as regular trainee)* Those who have some deficiency in training and due to that period, their training is going to be completed after 30.06.2023 are also directed to enlist themselves for this induction as they will not be eligible for induction in next session. They will join specialty on 1st July 2023, and then go for completion of deficient period and report back to specialty afterward. Candidates providing false information shall be debarred from Interview/Induction.

Please visit PGMI website regularly