PGMI Best Supervisor | Best Trainee And Best Unit Awards April 2022


Welcome to PGMI , PGMI Best Supervisor | Best Trainee And Best Unit Awards April 2022 .Post Graduate Medical Institute (PGMI) is a premier institution of postgraduate medical education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and is a pioneer in introducing innovative concepts in medical education to ensure professionally trained, ethical, competent and caring specialists.

PGMI, Peshawar aims to develop and sustain high standards of innovations to holistic patient and population-centered health care, strengthen a culture of research and spirit of inquiry amongst postgraduate trainees. It monitors and regulates the quality of educational programmes on a regular basis in Medical Teaching Institutions (MTIs) and affiliated Hospitals and ensures highest quality of teaching and training, promotion of research and best patient care and professional ethics.

Postgraduate Medical Institute, Peshawar would like to take the opportunity to conduct an online survey for the “Best Supervisor”, “Best Trainee/PGR” and “Best Unit”, respectively in the MTIs and affiliated Hospitals. This is in line with the PGMI policy of encouraging as well as acknowledging the excellence and expertise of the outstanding medical professionals and units with specialized staff and equipment over and above the guidelines laid down by CPSP and PMC.

 Cash Prizes will be Awarded in Each Category

 The criteria for Best supervisor/Best trainee (PGR)/ Best units are available on the PGMI Official website ( An online form for each individual category will be available at the following link: from Wednesday 21th April, 2022.

 Last Date of Form Submission for all Categories is Monday 9th May, 2022

 All the Supervisors, Incharge of the Units and PGRs in MTIs and Affiliated Private Sector Hospitals are requested to fill the online proforma so that a survey can be made to finalize the Best Supervisor, Best PGR and Best Unit for a better competitive environment within the hospitals.