Final Merit List of Subspecialty Induction July 2023 | Inductees of July 2021 & subsequent inductions with 2 years Pre-IMM training to be completed on 30.06.2023 | Med & Allied and Surgery & Allied.


The final merit list of eligible residents is hereby notified. Portal for preferences/choices will be opened on 13.06.2023 at 02:00pm and will be closed on 16.06.2023 at 11:59pm. Please keep visiting the PGMI website for further updates. Webinar (how to fill portal for choices & preferences) will be held on 13.06.2023 at 10am & link will be available on PGMI website and Facebook page a day before. If any problem in
registration/filling the choices/preferences portal, please contact PGMI helpline (WhatsApp 0349-5616101) if your problem could not be solved in spite of PGMI helpline support, visit PGMI office at 10:am on 16.06.2023 with your laptop and PGMI technical team will submit it for you. On arrival contact Mr. Junaid Tasawar at webinar room near conference hall/PGMI library. Be aware the closing time will not be extended.
●Slot allocation will be made through software. Carefully fill the portal for preferences, once preferences are submitted it’s not possible to re-open it for any change.
●Please put your preference number against all slots as per your choice and put zero against the slot/slots you don’t want to opt. There is NO option of surrender. Slot once allotted will be final. Those who get slot in slot allocation process are NOT eligible for any other slot in this session & in next session as per policy.
●All those applicants who fail to submit their preferences on portal before closing will be excluded from slot allocation process.

Please visit PGMI website regularly