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            Relieving order of Diploma TMOs on completion of their training in December 2017.            Diploma Candidates Interview list, Interview date 7th February 2018.             Symposium on "Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD".            ATTENTION! DIPLOMA's ENTRY TEST CANDIDATES.             PGMI issues Official Notification regarding FCPS-II Induction January, 2018.            Diploma examination Viva schedule for the Year 2017.            ATTENTION ALL CANDIDATES FCPS-II (Session JANUARY 2018)            PGMI issues FINAL MERIT LIST for FCPS-II Training January, 2018.            Pre-Induction EC at 9:00 AM on 16th January, 2018.            PGMI issues the Provisional Merit List of candidates for FCPS-II Training in January, 2018.            Diploma's requirement for Registration with KMU.            Diploma Admission for the session January 2018.            CPSP Notification about resident who have not been able to find residency positions.            Diploma examination announce for the Year 2017.            PGMI issues Official Notification regarding Sub-Specialty for the session January, 2018.            Attention: FCPS-II session July 2017 Private Hospital/CMHs trainees submitted the documents for award of stipend.            Relieving order of FCPS-II TMOs on completion of their training in January 2018.            Notification! Sub-Specialty Interviews Session January 2018.            One day Symposium on "Career planning and Counselling" for Final Year Students and House Officers/Passed FCPS-I doctors.            Circular: 2nd MOCK EXAM FOR TMOs OF MEDICINE & ALLIED (IMM).            MOCK Examination for IMM Preparation of Surgery & Allied TMOs (IMM TOACS).            Feedback from Prof: Intekhab Alam, CEO PGMI with regard to Mock Examination.            MOCK Examination in Post Graduate Medical Institute.            Circular: MOCK Examination for FCPS-II TMOs of Medicine & Allied.            Announcement of Admission for MCPS-HPE Batch 2018-20 by CPSP.            Diploma Examination Form for 2017.            Induction into the Health Management Cadre.            PGMI issues Stipend cheque to MTI/HMC.            CPSP Notification.            PGMI issues Official Notification regarding FCPS-II Induction July, 2017 remaining candidates.            PGMI issues Official Notification regarding MCPS Induction July, 2017.            Remaining vacant slots for MCPS (Session July, 2017).            Interview of the remaining FCPS-II Candidates on 25th July 2017.            PGMI issues FINAL MERIT LIST for MCPS Training for the session July, 2017.            Relieving order of FCPS-II TMOs on completion of their training in July 2017.            Attention MCPS Candidates for the session July 2017.            Attention! Postgraduate Residents who could not avail the slot in FCPS-II training session July 2017.            Bann on Internship.            Induction / Transfer of Powers.            Office Order of re-interviewed TMOs of Sub-Specialty (Medicine & Allied) for the Session July 2017.             PGMI issues Official Notification regarding FCPS-II Induction July, 2017.            PGMI issues FINAL MERIT LIST for FCPS-II Training July, 2017.            ATTENTION TMO’s            Medical & Allied Sub-Specialties Re-Interview            PGMI issues Official Notification regarding Interviews of FCPS-II Session July 2017.            Attention: FCPS-II session January 2017 trainees submitted the documents for award of stipend.            PGMI issues Official Notification regarding Sub-Specialty for the session July, 2017.            Merit List of Subspecialty FCPS-II Candidates for Interview on 19.06.2017            NOTIFICATION! Sub-Specialty Interviews Session July 2017.            Transfer of Responsibilities of Postgraduate Residents (PGRs) to MTIs.            PGMI Executive Council Meeting on 07/06/2017.            The online form is available now ... Please register and apply for FCPS-II            MCPS Session July 2017 Provisional Merit List.            Attention! Instruction for MCPS Written test to be held on 12 May 2017 (Friday).            MCPS Screening Test Roll Number list for the Session July 2017.            Two-day Workshop of “Leadership For the Future”            Attention! MCPS Entry Test date has been announced for the Session July, 2017.            Letter to Secretary Health Govt: of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa regarding creation of FCPS-II, MCPS and Diploma slots.            Good News! Health Department's letter regarding International Fellowship Program at EDGE Hill University.            Another landmark achieved by PGMI on 21/04/2017.            One day workshop on "Medical Errors: Prevention at Individual and System Level for improved Patient Safety"            MoU for Dental FCPS-II Training.            Application proforma for Leave, IMM Experience/Exam, Resignation etc etc..            Circular: Invitation to All TMOs moot with President College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan.            Circular: Invitation for Annual General Body Meeting by CPSP.            Dean PGMI meet with the Royal Colleges representatives.            MCPS Admission for the session July 2017            Mock Examination for TMOs of Diploma of Anesthesia March, 2017.            Relieving order of FCPS-II TMOs on completion of their training 2017.            Mock Examination for TMOs of Diploma of Anesthesia.            CIRCULAR! Application proforma for TMOs            Official Notification! Change of training Institutes, Specialties and Supervisors WITHHELD.            PGMI’s TMO achievement in FCPS-II Exam conducted by CPSP-Karachi            Pictures of 1st Maternal Death Surveillance and Response Orientation Workshop            Leave Rules during the TMO Ship            MOCK Examination for PGMI Diplomas            Letter to President College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP), Karachi.            Attention: New Course Completion Certificate proforma            Attention! Change of Specialty, Hospital/Unit is banned            Pictures of Entry test for various PGMI Diplomas.            Provisional Merit List of DIPLOMA’s Candidates for Induction January 2017-18            PGMI issues Official Notification (Dentistry) regarding Induction January, 2017            Congratulation to Dentistry TMOs            Court asks govt to withdraw PGMI’s dissolution            Admission Open: - PGMI announces Diplomas for the session 2017-18            One Day CME Symposium on “Gastrointestinal Cancers”            Gastroenterology Subspecialty slots at MH Rawalpindi            Attention: MCPS trainees submitted the documents for award of stipend.            PGMI issues Official Notification regarding Sub-Specialty for the session January, 2017            PGMI issues Official Notification regarding Induction January, 2017            PGMI issues FINAL MERIT LIST for FCPS-II Training January, 2017            PGMI issues Provisional Merit list for session January, 2017            Office Order for FCPS-II induction Selection Committee meeting dated 20th, 21th and 22th Dec,2016 at PGMI, Peshawar.             Sub-Specialty interview of Med & Allied Groups on dated 15/12/2016 at 10:00 AM             ATTENTION: Undertaking Proforma for Induction Session January, 2017            CONGRATULATION TO ALL POST GRADUATE TRAINEES            Visit of Deputy Dean to Hospitals outside KPK            Advisory for improvement of conduct and development of interpersonal skills            Meeting regarding motivating doctors towards Anesthesia on special directives of the Govt. of KPK            Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony between PGMI & different hospitals for FCPS-II Training            PGMI issues Official Notification on newly created slots for FCPS-II Induction July, 2016            List of relieved TMOs on completion of FCPS-II Training            Attention! Newly passed IMM TMOs            PGMI issues Official Notification regarding Induction July, 2016            Congratulations TMOs!!! Revised stipend shall be paid from July 1, 2016            Medical Oncology: A new sub-specialty at PGMI            Mother's Day: Deputy Speaker Prof.Dr. Meher Taj Roghani attended the event as Chief Guest.            PGMI Launches its new official website.

Mission Statement

To provide state of the art postgraduate training facilities in medical field in the province at par with international standards. To ensure professionally trained, ethical, competent and caring specialists in all major and minor specialties of medicine and surgery in order to overcome manpower deficiency in health sector thereby contributing to health care service in the country To foster ethical and need based research culture that focuses on local issues. To inculcate professionalism in trainees and produce future leaders in medical field.


Structured training program shall be implemented in all teaching units in line with CPSP/International Accrediting Agencies regulations and shall be observed and evaluated by Director Academics, Director Medical Education and Academic Inspection team of PGMI. Workplace based assessment methodologies with feedback (Mini-CEX, DOPS and MSF) shall be introduced in all teaching units


Ethical and professional behavior.
Respect for patients and their families.
Respect for faculty, peers and sub-ordinate staff.
Humanism and humility.
Integrity and trustworthiness.
Quest for excellence in the field of medicine and research


Keeping in view the enhanced specialized health care needs of the province and the severe shortage of specialists to meet those needs, the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa decided to establish a separate and independent postgraduate Medical institute at Lady Reading Hospital. Peshawar in 1984 with the following objectives:- A. To prepare and train postgraduate doctors towards attaining higher postgraduate qualifications enabling them to provide high quality specialist care to the people of the province at district and sub district level. B. To establish a provincial center of excellence which could offer the highest quality tertiary health care services to the people of the province. C. To promote research in all fields of health in the province. The staff of Postgraduate Medical Institute accepted this challenging task with firm determination and total commitment. Despite major obstacles including lack of adequate infrastructure, manpower and equipment, the staff and students of Postgraduate Medical Institute worked extremely hard and converted the dream of Postgraduate Medical Institute in the province into a reality. The institute now stands recognized as a premier teaching and training institute by P.M.D.C, College of Physicians & Surgeon of Pakistan, Khyber Medical University, Peshawar and the Royal Colleges of UK and Ireland. The institute celebrated its 25 year of existence in 2009. Chief Executive Officer and staff of Postgraduate Medical Institute can rightly claim that Postgraduate Medical Institute has not only served the health needs of the province as major human resource development (HRD) center. PGMI has also succeeded in introducing a culture of research among the faculty as well as the postgraduate students. Such research is now regularly published in a respectable Journal of Postgraduate Medical Institute (JPMI) and in many other national and international medical journals. PGMI is the only institute of its kind in the country which inducts, monitors, pay and certifies every single postgraduate trainee in the entire province in recognized Postgraduate training institutes. We hope and pray that the next ten years will witness further major successful strides towards achieving the goals of postgraduate medical education. The revision and updating of this important document was made possible because of the long hours and dedicated work by the prospectus committee which comprised of Professor Liaqat Ali,Dr. Shaheen Afridi (HRD) and Dr. Abid Jameel (Secretary). On behalf of the teaching staff and students, I would like to thank them all for their time and devotion.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Prof. Dr. Intekhab Alam
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Post Graduate Medical Institute
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Hayatabad, Peshawar