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The courses of various Diplomas shall be for a period of two years each starting in January of each year. MD and MS courses will be of five years duration.

The courses shall be held at the institutions affiliated with Postgraduate Medical Institute, Peshawar.

The arrangement of accommodation will be the trainee’s own responsibility.

No stipend shall be paid to Private diploma students, note that Govt: trainees seeking training in PGMI shall obtain E.O.L from Govt: to make them eligible for stipend from PGMI.

English shall be the medium of instruction and examination.


The admission to the above Diploma / Degree courses shall be open to any candidate who is a medical graduate of one of the Universities recognized and registered by PM&DC.

The candidate must be currently registered with Pakistan Medical and Dental Council as a Medical Practitioner. Foreign candidates must be registered with the medical registration authority of that country If the candidate has received training in Pakistan then he must be registered with PMDC.

Candidate should must produce Registration of PGMI before induction as TMO.

The candidate has done one year Resident House Job in a recognized teaching Institution in the relevant specialty or in medicine and allied or surgery and allied (as applicable) or one year of rotational training in medical and allied or surgical and allied disciplines (as applicable), Or, having subsequent to graduation done at least one year practical experience as Registrar / Medical Officer in the specialty in a teaching Institute / District Headquarters Hospital or other recognized hospital under the supervision of a specialist, Has good moral and professional character.

The candidate should not be above the age of 45 years on the last date of application for the Diplomas or Degrees.

All civil servants applying or the training of FCPS/MCPS/Diploma course would have to get Extra Ordinary Leave from Government and will be paid stipend by PGMI if selected.

All trainees would fill affidavit to serve periphery after completion of their training.



Application for all the courses will be invited by the Chief Executive Officer. Postgraduate Medical Institute. Peshawar through an advertisement in the press to reach the office by a specified date and time. Applications received after the due date will not be entertained. The required documents, duly attested by a competent authority as mentioned in the application form, must accompany the application form. Incomplete application forms will not be accepted. Applicants for various Diploma / Degree course shall undergo a written test in the form of multiple choice questions (75 marks) with in their respective specialty. To be considered for admission, at least 50% marks need to be obtained. The applicants will have to appear before selection committee formed by the Chief Executive Officer. Postgraduate Medical Institute. Peshawar for an interview which will carry 25 marks. Interview marks will be added to the total. The decision of the selection committee will be final.

Adjustment of Merit Marks for admission to PGMI Courses:

Merit marks for academic performance Maximum marks 45. These merit marks shall be calculated as under:


50% to 59% --------------------------------- 20

60% to 69% --------------------------------- 30

70% to 74% --------------------------------- 40

75% or above ------------------------------- 45

For Diploma courses, five marks shall be deducted for each additional attempt in each professional examination prior to making a final total of marks.

For Diploma courses, house job in the relevant specialty for at least 6 months shall carry 5 marks per 6 months. House job in other specialties shall carry 3 marks per House Job of 6 months.

Registrar/Medical Officer in the relevant specialty shall carry 10 & 5 marks respectively per completed year in the specialty with maximum of 2 years

Experience as Registrar / Medical Officer in other related specialties shall carry 3 marks per year for a maximum of two years.

In case of candidates who have attained the necessary experience in pediatrics abroad they must produce a certificate from the Head of the Institution or the head of the department that the department has the necessary infrastructure. They must be registered with the medical registration authority of that country.

In service candidates should belong to the Provincial Health Service of Government of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and must be selectee of Public Service Commission.

Adhoc employees can also apply for admission to these courses but they shall be treated as Private Candidates and if selected shall have to resign from Adhoc service or produce NOC from Department of Health.

Final categorization of adhoc and permanent Government service shall be made at the time of interview.

No candidate undergoing training shall engage in any government or private service or private practice during the course. Strict disciplinary action will be initiated against those TMOs who get involved in private practice and 2nd job during their training. This may result in termination of their training.

In case of vacancy due to non-availability of a suitable in service candidate only one vacancy shall be filled from amongst the private candidates found otherwise suitable, in addition to the fixed quota in each specialty.

Applications from Federal Government Autonomous and Semiautonomous bodies and Armed Forces shall be filled from amongst the private candidates found otherwise suitable in addition to the fixed quota in each specialty (if any).

In service candidates selected for training shall be posted against the Trainee Medical Officer posts and shall be considered on duty.

Candidates will be admitted to DCP and 6 candidates to each of the other diploma course. The ratio of in service and private candidates will be will be 3 to 1. (for DCP 7 Govt: TMOs, 3 Private TMOs and 3 reserved Seats, for all other Diplomas 4 Govt: TMOs 2 Private TMOs and 3 Reserved seats. Reserved seats are: 1 for Baluchistan, 1 for Armed Forces and 1 for foreign candidates). In case no suitable candidate is available from the reserved quota then the vacant seat will be filled from amongst the private candidates.

The number of seats, both in services and private candidates, for various Diploma/ Degree courses will be fixed by the Academic Council as and when deemed necessary.

Training and Examination:

A. Candidate for examination must have completed and written a research project assigned to him by Head of the Department at least three months before the examination Candidates can only appear in the final examination if their research project is approved by the supervisor/Head of the Department.

B. All candidates are required to complete a log book during their training period duly attested by the relevant head of department.

C. Internal assessment of all candidates is mandatory and shall be conducted by their departmental faculty every six months and report submitted to the Department of Medical Education of PGMI.

D. At the end of the course, an examination shall be held by Khyber Medical University. Peshawar at Postgraduate Medical Institute, Peshawar There shall be no supplementary examination.

E. The maximum number of attempts for the Diploma and MD/MS examinaStions shall be four in a time period of three years after completion of the course. This rule shall apply to all Diploma as well as MD/MS courses of PGMI.

F. Success in the Diploma examination shall lead to the award of Diploma in the relevant specialty by Khyber Medical University, Peshawar.

G. Successful candidates in the Diploma / Degree examinations shall be placed in two categories as under:

Pass “Ordinary’ if the candidate has passed and obtained less than 80% marks in the aggregate of all the subjects.

H. Pass “With Distinction” if the candidate has passed and obtained 80% or more marks in the aggregate of all the subjects.

I. The examination for the above Diplomas/Degree shall be open to any candidate who has undertaken training in the relevant specialty during an academic term of two years for Diploma (continuous attendance) and of two to five years for degree courses (as applicable) in Postgraduate Medical Institute, Peshawar and has attended a minimum of 80% of the course lectures, demonstrations, ward round and other academic activities.

J. Candidate falling short of lectures or clinical demonstrations above this percentage shall be permitted to appear in the next examination if they make up the deficiency.

K. A candidate who, though qualifying for the examination, does not appear in the examination or fails in the examination may be permitted to appear at any subsequent examination as a private candidate within a period of three years of qualifying for the examination.

L. No trainee/candidate will be allowed to sit in the examinations unless he/she has successfully completed all mandatory workshops by PGMI and KMU as detailed below

• Research Methodology and Bio-statistics

• Clinical Research Orientation and Project writing

• Professionalism including Communication Skills

• Bio-ethics

M. Any candidate not fulfilling any of the criteria of the below will not be allowed to sit in the examination.

o Attendance more than 80%.

o Mandatory workshops.

o NOC/Recommendation from Supervisor.

o Upto date log book.

Examinations Fees:

i. Every candidate shall forward his application for admission to the examination to the Controller of Examination, Khyber Medical University Peshawar through the Chief Executive Officer, Postgraduate Medical Institute Peshawar thirty days before the commencement of the examination accompanied by the prescribed examination fee.

ii. The examination fees for various Diploma / Degree courses held by Khyber Medical University, Peshawar at Postgraduate Medical Instituted, Peshawar shall be as follows (this fee structure may be changed as and when required):

University (KMU) Registration Fee:-----------------Rs. 1000/-

Theory paper fee (per paper):---------------------------Rs. 500/-

Practical/viva fee (Per Viva/Practical):-----------Rs. 500/-

Detailed Marks Certificate (Charges (KMU):-------Rs. 300/-

Thesis examination fee(PhD) (KMU):-------------Ps 10000/-

Transcript fee (KMU):-------------------------------------Rs. 1000/-

Re-totaling charges (KMU):-----------------------------Rs. 1500/-

Re-evaluation charges:----------------------------------Rs. 3000/-

Degree/Diploma charges:--------------------------------Rs. 5000/-

Duplicate Diploma/Degree Charges:----------------Rs. 5000/-

Admission fees for PGMI:

The following fees and subscriptions are payable at the time of admission to Diploma. Masters, MD/MS, PhD and other courses conducted at Postgraduate Medical Institute, Peshawar this is subject to change as and when required/deemed necessary by PGMI) Certificate courses (Enquire form Chief Executive’s office)

PG Diploma: -------------------- Rs. 30000/- per diploma (full course)

MCPS : ----------------------------- Rs. 30000/- Per Annum.

Master : --------------------------- Rs. 20000/- Per Annum.

M Phil : --------------------------- Rs. 25000/- Per Annum.

PhD : ------------------------------- Rs. 30000/- Per Annum.

MD/MS : --------------------------- Rs. 30000/- Per Annum.

Observer ship: ------------------ Rs. 10000/- Per Quarter.

Prospectus fee will be Rs. 3000/- payable to PGMI.

Admission Fee once paid, 75% and 50% of the fee will be refunded if the withdrawal from the course is made within one week and one month respectively.

All candidates will be charged Rs.10,000/- as Library security which will be refundable at the time of leaving the Institute.

A refundable security equal to one month stipend shall be payable to PGMI on induction. i.e Diplomas/FCPS candidates will pay the security which is refundable after completion of training.

Annual Retention Fee:

An annual retention fee is charged by KMU from all trainees as under. All trainees will have to pay the annual retention fee per year to PGMI to be paid to KMU annually (in addition to admission fee and examination fee):

Annual retention fee for M Phil/PhD: Rs. 25000/- per student per year.

Annual retention fee for Masters/Diploma: Rs. 5000/- per student per year.

(Annual retention fee and examination fee for MD/MS will be decided by KMU/PGMI and communicated later on)

(Note: for variations in these statutes, rules and regulations please also see the respective individual Diploma/Degree section)